Friday, February 26, 2010

Finishing the fifth novel

It has only taken five years but I have finally finished my fifth novel. Well, the first draft of it. It still needs an edit  or two or three but at least the first draft and the story is complete. I did run out of enthusiasm a few years back but we have been so much on the move in the past five years living in Africa, Canada, the UK, Russia that I have really let it linger in the drawer. As one does. But I was determined to finish it because the story stayed in my head.
There is probably something insane about completing a fifth novel (and one book of non-fiction) when one remains unpublished but sometimes I think that perversity and I are partners in this creative expression and unpublished writers need perversity and perseverance in spades.
I have already decided that when I have time, and money, I will self publish them all.
I shall post the beginning of my latest book, A Gathering of Crows so that at least it knows there is breath beyond the 'drawer.'


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