Thursday, February 23, 2012

One kindle copy sold - on a scale of one to none!

Well it may be as good as I get but it's better than I had - at this point in my life as a writer I have actually sold a novel, just one, but that is one up on nothing.

Amazon Kindle sent me an email suggesting I look to see what was happening and there it was - one purchase. No doubt a kind friend given that I did let a few people, who, over the years had said they would like to read some of my work, know that here was a $9.99 opportunity.

I am not sure it means much but at this point in time, having looked at what is at work astrologically, if I am ever to get anything accepted or 'out there' this year will be the year.

In that funny way of things I sent off some submissions to a new literary magazine including a painting and had a response re: the painting saying it is not quite their thing - how often have I heard that? - but she would be interested to see more of my work. I have no expectations. I am a serious amateur having only begun to paint two or so years ago but what the heck, if you are not in it as the saying goes.

After two crashes of the net. trying to load four oils and four water-colours I sent them in two separate emails. Who knows? As my husband laughed and as did my son, funny  if after years of writing, and to be honest, minimal submitting but still submitting, the first creative manifestation ever accepted by anyone was a painting? Although even as I say that I remember that a poem was accepted by a website - along with just about everyone else's submissions from what I could see - but hey, guess that makes it possibly two acceptances in twenty years of creativity!

It was interesting pondering the painting request - nervous, because I actually have faith in my writing as I don't in my painting - but the thought flashed through my mind, 'do I really care?' 'would I really like to have my work acknowledged?' It may seem a ridiculous question but I am beginning to think I am a hermit at heart and as they say, what you expect or desire is what you get. Perhaps my lack of 'success' is exactly what I expect and desire.


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