Friday, July 13, 2012

Whatever words

Whatever words we write or speak,
though flung into the world,
to drape around some others,
are always ours to hold.
And when we know this deeper truth,
then words become our will,
to share what we know of ourselves;
and till the friendship field.
Whatever rage there is within,
belongs not to another,
but breeds within our wounded Self,
to bury truth and love.
The only thing which causes pain,
is what we tell ourselves,
and others are no source of it;
and cannot heal the wounds.
To know that all which happens,
is what we draw to life,
and that we are responsible,
for what we do with it.
It is the key to freedom,
when blame is dropped and lost,
and everything which hurts us,
is called home to our heart.


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