Thursday, February 23, 2012

I know it's pathetic but I like a semblance of order

I am now following myself on this Blog. Yes it is pathetic but it was the only one of my Blogs without a Follower and it just didn't look right.

Maybe if I had only one Blog it would look halfway impressive but I wanted to separate the ponderings, pontificatings, paintings, poetry and prose and ancestry probings as much as I could.

Finding Charlie Ross is doing best with 16 Followers - Small Stones has kicked off in the last year and now has 10 Followers - A Spiritual Life has 7 Followers - The Cassandra Letters has 4 - The Blossom Collector and Blantyre Street have 1 each. That's around 40 people who might actually read something I have written from time to time.

Does it matter? Probably not but it beats filling up drawers with my work.


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