Thursday, September 01, 2011

Why do we write? Why do we create?

I am sure everyone who writes has a different answer to that question. For me it is because I want to and at some level probably, because I must although it is more than I am impelled to write than compelled to write.

I think like many forms of creative expression one is either hardwired to write or one is not. Perhaps it is like any skill, or gift, if one can, one should and one does. The level of the skill is not important, merely the honouring of it.

There are many forms of creative expression and writing is merely one of them and not necessarily the 'best' if best is a word which can be used in this instance.

In some ways I think painting or pottery or other such 'observed' arts are better because one may have an impression and an appreciation in an instant while with a book, it takes time and effort. Perhaps that is what makes stories so much more valuable; nothing worthwhile comes without some effort.

And poetry is of course the written version of such 'instant appreciation' of creativity for much can be said, shown, inferred, suggested, displayed, wrought or revealed in very few words.

Perhaps, with creative expression one does not need to have reasons or even understanding  because it is enough to simply 'do.' To make manifest that which is within; to seek to create beauty and to reveal something new.

Every creative act is perfect in itself and innocent in its source. No two poems, books, paintings or pieces of pottery are ever the same.... even if produced by the same person. To that end they reflect the wondrous creativity of our world where every single human being, flower, grain of sand or snowflake is unique unto itself.

Sometimes I think we talk about art or creativity too much when what we should do is experience it, either as our own expression of creativity or by extension, appreciating the creativity of others.

Why does not matter. What we create matters, for our own sakes always and possibly for the sake of others.

This world is a pure and constant expression of the creative act and we, as participants and observers in that world are co-creators. We simply choose how and when we co-create.


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