Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why is pain a creative impetus?

I seem to find it easier to write and to create with words through suffering. I wish it was not that way. I am sure anyone who read my journals would think me a permanent misery and depressive, wading through a life of pain and suffering.

The reality is that through the many happy, joyful, satisfying moments I am too busy to write and less moved to write. I wonder if that is a truth for all journal writing. It makes me understand why so many journalists or journal keepers burn it all before they die. It is such a slanted view of life so much of the time. Well, for me it is.

The past few months, or weeks at least have been a time when the creative juices have been flowing because they have been times of change and grief and loss. Perhaps the reason why it is so much easier to write or create at such times is because creativity is a valuable and instinctive way of expressing feelings, thoughts, emotions and all of our human responses to loss.

Is it laziness to be more creative at such times or does it follow in a rich, archetypal tradition where the suffering of human life is turned into something more worthy, more beautiful, more lasting?

I don't have the answer to that. There probably isn't one and even if there were, it doesn't matter.