Monday, June 25, 2012

Our thoughts

We think our thoughts are things
which hover in our minds,
not realising they have power
which impacts on our lives.
A thought is energy unfurled,
vibration, force and touch,
which influences who we are,
our bodies, minds and hearts.
Not only that the power of thought,
will reach beyond our minds,
to touch all that makes up our world;
creates, destroys, refines.
No trivial thing is any thought,
sourced in cosmic laws,
which gaurantee that it will bring,
some change, both big or small.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Learning and teaching

Learning and teaching

The fires of life burn brightly,
and we seek to pass them on,
to teach our children all we know,
to help them on their way.
And yet within our deepest core,
there lives a truth forgotten,
that children learn from who we are,
not what we say to them.
They soak in psychic constancy,
from first breath to the last,
the open and the hidden truths;
bright light and deepest dark.
If we are sourced in love and joy,
for body, Self and Soul,
then all we offer up as gifts
will guide them on their way.
For only when we love ourselves,
can we in honour walk
and can our children see the path;
through actions, not through talk.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The tap of dream

The tap of dream

The tap of dream, the touch of word
the image drawn on day,
are ways the angels speak to us,
synchronicity displayed. 
For everything which happens,
each picture, sound or touch,
has meaning and is calling us,
to who we're meant to be.
The soul speaks slow in symbol,
through eye and ear and skin,
a language of our bodies
and the world in which we live.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pull yourself together

Pull yourself together,
they said.
As if I were yarn
falling apart
through time
and wear;
needing no more
than a stitch
and a tug
to make it all
neat and
So I did.
But behind
what they saw,
the loops
were always,
a little looser;
holding their
own truth,
revealing their
own pattern,
for anyone
who cared
to look closely,
and beyond. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mastery of self

Mastery of self

The only lesson
 to be learned
is mastery of self,
not conquering
or killing off
the ego or
our thoughts,
but being in
the moment,
no matter what
may be
and holding
to the sure,
calm ground
of Now
and all it brings.
This mastery is
but a skill,
where we
observe and feel,
the being
sourced in Self
and Soul,
the truth of Life

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Lake Eyre, Watercolour.

Lake Eyre, Watercolour, Roslyn Ross, 2012

We love bad news

Jungle, Oil on Canvas, Roslyn Ross, 2012.

We love bad news,
we really must,
if what we see and hear
reflects our true desires;
reveals our inner fears.
There are two ways
to 'see' a thing,
or maybe even more,
and yet we lean
toward the bad;
let misery be drawn.
A glass half full,
or glass half gone,
is always on display,
so why believe in loss
when we can opt for gain?
Energy will follow thought,
and we create our world,
through what we think
and we believe,
and what we say unfolds.

Friday, June 01, 2012

I found my way to me

In years of slow becoming,
I found my way to me,
And laughed when in the moment,
I knew I’d always been.